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Yes folks.....it's Wesley Chapel Nissan and their Squad of Untrustables !!

Specifically speaking about , and especially new Nissan owners, your battery. I paid $50 for a full battery service on my 2015 Rogue and then 2 weeks later, my battery died when I was about to return home from Sarasota to Tampa !!!

So I go back to Wesley Chapel Nissan and their Untrustables and asked them what the *** happened ?....You guys just did a battery service 2 weeks ago !!!

Get this folks: the battery cells were DRY !! Then the head Service guy tells me that they are instructed by Mother Nissan not to open the cell covers to add water !!!

Seriously folks, how lame is that ?? Would you believe this steaming pile of cow manure ??? So in short folks, as per Mother Nissan, you are guarenteed to have your battery die in the first year and a half !!

So please do yourselves a big favor and check your own battery fluid levels. You can't trust Wes Chap Nissan to do it as part of their $50 Battery Maintenance Service......

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Chapel Nissan Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Man you're an ***... the battery service is to clean any kind of corrosion on the battery and terminals.

Its also for checking the terminals for being loose on the battery, frayed wire etc. You live in florida, your lucky to maybe get 3 years out of a battery


In the old days you could fill up a battery with distl. water.Nowadays all batteries are maintenance free,mainly for safety reasons.The tops don't come off anymore so when a dealer or any other shop want to sell you maintenance on a battery,you get screwed over!

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