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Was told there was 2 used Rogues in our price range of 20k. A standard S for 20k and a SV wth upgraded package.

We wanted the cheaper S model. When we waited to go for a test drive, the sales rep (Patrick) came back and said the S model haf just been sold, but the SV model was available. We went out and looked at the sticker price and it was 22k, still in our price range. We test drove it and decided to buy it.

I told Patrick if they took 1k off, they had a deal. He came back later and said they agreed. We signed papers. We told him and the finance person (Manny) we would put 1.8k down and would pay the car loan off in full as soon as my 401k check cleared.

We were told there would not be an early payoff penalty by both Patrick and Manny. We went to pay off the loan in full and was told it was 29k! Bumper to bumper warranty was also added in for 1.8k and we were told it was GAP insurance when signing. We did not ask for the separate warranty.

It looks like they changed the car price to 25k from 22k and did not give us the 1k price drop I requested for the deal and agreed to buy the car for. We looked in the packet that was given to us by Manny (finance guy) and all that was in it was the registration, the window sticker with the car options (but not the one with the 22k price on it), and 2 pieces of paper with the buyer agreement legal statement info on it. No copies of the papers we signed or any price info. We went back a couple of days later and talked to manager (Will) and gave him the info.

He gave us his card and said he would straighten it out for us and to call him personally. We called him the next day and my wife left several messages and he never returned any of our calls. We've been back several times and had to hunt everyone done. Patrick and Manny were not able to explain why there was such a price discrepancy.

They set up a 3-way conference call with me for 11:00 am on Tuesday, March 13 and they never called my cell phone. Manny had told me he would call if something came up and they couldn't call. That never happened either. Nothing but excuses and false promises.

This isn't over, but I want people to know about the people you are dealing with if you decide to buy a car here. My wife and I feel like we've been screwed, and they do not want to discuss to our satisfaction. My wife and I would be the first to admit if we were wrong, but we do not feel that way. The only statement that was printed out for us so far has been the final loan papers.

Nothing with our signatures on it. David and Lynn Madaras - President's day weekend sale.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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