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I bought a 2008 vehicle from Nissan of Wesley Chapel on 6-18-08. At this time Nissan had started a campaign offering $500.00 gas card after buying a car, which I did.

Since then I have been trying to get my gas card without success. The dealer's manager Michael Kane, (general sales manager) had been dragging the gas card with promises to mail it, which I have been waiting until today. Finally on July 24, 2008 he spoke to me over the phone and said that he will not give me the card because he made no money on the sale of the vehicle.

The deal was to buy a vehicle to get the card, period.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Typical car dealerships, liars, crooks, and thieves!

Verona, New Jersey, United States #691854

Why would anyone want to buy a car from WCN. The owner of WCN fired all of the sales force, GSM & GM. The owner fired the GM with 25 yrs of experience while he was recuperating from CANCER. You cannot get lower than that. The new GM & sales force have less than 4 yrs of experience. Don't be surprise if you see the owner at the dealership ever since he fired his GM with CANCER he has been there everyday because he knows he cannot rely on the new team he hired.

My suggestion is move on to another dealership that treat there customer with respect.


See, Tirol, Austria #28750

I would like to know if anyone knows how to contact the president of the main Nissan corp. where I could make my complaint and get this manager fired and get my gift card honored. Noted that this is not the first time that this happen at this dealership, before this manager there was another manager who was doing the same and he was fired because of this.


I have found some of the sales people at WC Nissan to be very arrogant. Keep at em.

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